Until Dawn

by Summer of Hoaxes

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    1. Stranger
    2. Murphy's Law
    3. Bulletproof
    4. Lunatic
    5. A Thousand Times
    6. Cannonball

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Summer of Hoaxes new EP. Fresh and catchy pop punk tunes.


released March 7, 2017

Song written by Summer of Hoaxes.
Produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari (Wavemotion Recordings).
Artwork by Jennifer Dentale photos & graphics.




Summer of Hoaxes Bologna, Italy

Fresh and new pop punk from the pizza country. (Not NY State, Italy)

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Track Name: Stranger
What if I told you that I'm not alright? What if I told you I'm not satisfied with my life 'cause I've always been afraid to be insecure and have anxiety.
I feel trapped like a bird covered in oil slowly soffucating every sense of joy. I don't feel at home when I'm beetween these walls, but now I think I'm finally ready to say goodbye.

I'm sorry if I let you down but honey I need to run away from this town. Come with me, we'll be safe and sound. Don't you see that someday we'll break the fence.

What's the point with the answers I have found if the questions I ask to myself are wrong? Maybe leaving this place will make me fall apart or exceed my bounds.
I feel like a stranger in my own neighbourhood. These are my alien days my trip to another world.

I'm just tired of these cold nights, driving through the fog where I lose my will to enjoy this life, always living in disguise.
Track Name: Murphy's Law
I should feel more alive, having fun outside. These days could shape my life but today the pain in my lower back reminds me to rest in bed.
Feeling high, feeling low, feeling out of control. Every time that I'm fine there is something that goes wrong. Not sure to survive this song.

It's been proven with no doubt I am cursed with bad luck.

My life is the confirmation of the validity of Murphy's Law.

Losing touch with my mind while the clock ticks on. I missed planes, I missed trains I missed every chance I could take. I shouldn't have faith in fate.
It gets harder at night when I'm all alone. Counting sheep never works because the voices inside my head keep me awake UNTIL DAWN.

I'm not going to change the world today, I'll let you do the job for me while I wait for better days. I'm not going to change the world today. I'll let you do the job for me while I hope for better things.
Track Name: Bulletproof
I won't try to stop you if you want to leave. I made up my mind now all I need is to be free. I no longer have the strenght to fight with you. I cut my teeth, better safe than sorry. Like Eleanor Abernathy you will be, one hundred of cats will be your only company. The day that you'll figure out what you've become it will be too late to fix your mistakes.

Every minute, every second that I pass with you is just an agony.

Another day, the same obsession. I wanna keep you off my mind. A brand new way to resolution. Don't want to waste more time trying not to worn inside.

I'm bulletproof to the hate you throw at me. Do you know what it took to bear the stupid things you did? I don't want to see your pretty face again. Better off dead than stuck with you.

You're a dead weight. You keep me at bottom.
Track Name: Lunatic
Sometimes life scares me to death, other times I feel so confident. Sometimes I can face my fears, other times I want to disappear.

Get me out of here.

Wait! I need to find a better way to control the different parts of me. Doctor Jekyll, Mr Hyde. I'm lunatic all the time. I need control.

They're making me go mad, they're all inside my head, the people who live in it locked up the real me.
Sometimes I scare all my friends, they don't understand that I'm a mess.

I just need some help. Get me out of here .

Big crowds show the part of me than no on ever want to see but after drinking a few beers I'm the life of the party.
Track Name: A Thousand Times
It's been three years since the day we met. We faced problems that we didn't expect. We made projects and for our future plans we've got time but no patience.
I feel at home when I'm in your arms dreaming about places we wanna go. I remember the first time that we kissed for hours on that bench.

You are my disaster. You're my only one. You stole my heart faster than a lightning in the sky. You gave me a purpose. You have changed my life. You could make me circumnavigate the Earth a thousand times.

Camden Town walks, Valencia new year's eve. Travelling with you is everything I need. I remember every night we spent in the backseat of my car making love under the stars.

Home is where the heart is, that is true. Every road that I take leads me to you.
Track Name: Cannonball
We'll be underdogs forever. Every day feeling like brothers. Always starting from the bottom. Big dreams, flat broke, young hearts with high hopes.
There's no fun without getting hurt. There's no ease without getting burnt. We don't care about the obstructions, despite the hard times and the failures.

This is our time to fall and lift again, fast like a cannonball that rends the air. Don't stop we're getting started. This is our time to fall and lift again.

We still make so many mistakes trying not to commit them again. Driving town to town in our van. We’re losing money but making friends.

So if you have no passion and success is your goal, you'll see that all these moments , they will not last for long.